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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Update

Okay, time really flies so I've decided to do my weekly updates on Sunday. Why Sunday, because it is the first day of the week and I can usually squeeze a few minutes in to get it done. Last week I didn't enter an update post, I didn't complete my challenges either but there were some mini-milestones. I took a day off work and did absolutely nothing which is a first for me, yes I did run some errands and whatever else I had to do for Esperanza (transport to and from school, homework, etc). Otherwise ordinarily I would have considered it a wasted day but I needed it. Esperanza took and passed her blue belt test in aikido and now she's the highest ranking youth in her dojo. I am most proud of how her confidence level has grown when she executes. She's becoming a natural leader and has started weapons training. We'll see what this week brings, I'm hoping to have more scrappin' time but thats always one of the top things on my list. I do plan to post some of my sista challenges soon. Until the next time!

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