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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tri-Fold Card

This is my version of the tri-fold card challenge on the sista thread of the MB. The instructions used were posted by Craftiblog on wordpress. The actual cutting/making of the card was easy the hard part was the embellishments; maybe it would have been different had I chosen different paper.


While we were at BOCA last week Esperanza had to have some HENNA. We got our hands and feet done before we left home but she had to have an added attraction. When we were having dinner on Sunday evening it was an eye catcher so we had to explain. The picture was actually taken while we were taking a walk in Georgetown after dinner.

Weekly Update

Happy Sunday, I'm updating my blog although I'm so far behind in most everything that I'm doing. Last week was full of a million things to do as usual. I did get some crafting done but of course not as much as I wanted, I made two trips to Michaels and along with some other sistah scrappers I'm putting myself on a shopping BAN for the month of June. I'm going to make sure I have enough adhesive today and my only purchases for June will be for the sistah birthday club and I'm determined to get that out in time for her birthday. My sister was in Virginia for Georgia and we hung out for a few on Friday, I wish she lived closer. I'd love for us to scrap together; we'd be inspiration for each other. She is more of a collector and she does more cardmaking. Thanks for my Glue Glider Pro and everything else.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dancing Divas

This a picture of me and my daughter taken at the 2009 BOCA (Bellydancers of Color) Movement & Wellness Expo at the Hilton in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekly Update

Its Tuesday and I'm finally getting around to updating my blog but its with good reason. I had such a good Memorial Day weekend that I wasn't ready to come back to to work. It all started on last Friday when we drove to Silver Springs Maryland for the Bellydancers of Color 2009 Movement and Wellness Expo. We stopped in Woodbridge and had dinner with a fellow sistah (Sharon) who was to join us on Saturday. We took classes on Saturday and attended a show that night and it was indeed a great experience and a fun time also. I think Esperanza had the most fun, she took Belly Dancing Basics and Hip Hop, went to the movies and shopped with her dad. I am planning to take classes weekly starting next month. Stay tuned for pictures from our fun filled Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekly Update

Its Sunday and I'm doing my weekly update, goodie for me. Last week was busy and of course I'm expecting nothing less especially at work. Today my FIL's church gave him an appreciation service, it was good and we had dinner afterwards. We enjoyed the fellowship of family and friends both from near and far. I hope to complete a scrapbook for him by Father's Day which will be a tall order with everything else thats going on. I finished all three sista challenges last week and I need to get my sista birthday package in the mail this week too.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'll Always Love My Mamma

This is a LO that was completed for one of our sista challenges. The challenge was to use a song or poem in your LO, I used the title song along with a picture taken with my mother on Mother's Day. The song is an oldie by the Intruders.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day
This a Mother's Day LO that showcases some of the gifts I received. I enjoyed doing this LO and I used it as part of two separate MB challenges. I thank God everyday for my children. My son sent me flowers and a necklace and my daughter made a stepping stone for my flower bed and she painted a flower pot in her class.

Weekly Update

Oh well better late than never, yesterday was Mother's Day and I didn't have time to update my blog! Yesterday, was a good day, one that really makes you proud to be a mother. My children blessed me with love and gifts; my daughter and I spent some quality time with my mother. Time spent with my family are some of my most treasured blessings. I even finished my LO showcasing some of the gifts I received. Last week was busy, I'm looking forward to a little down time this week so I'll be able to do some things at my own pace. Stayed tuned for the posting of my Mother's Day LOs.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Teacher Appreciation

This is the card I made for my daughter's teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week and it include a gift card for some godiva chocolate. This card was one I made as part of the Pinkstamper's NSD challenges.

Teacher Appreciation


This is the bouquet that I made for my daughter's teacher for Teacher Appreciation week. We sent a small token everyday and I sat and watched the class so she could enjoy lunch with the other teachers yesterday. I have mixed feelings about how it turned out but its the thought that counts.

Soccer Diva

I did this LO for one the the NSD challenges posted by the Pinkstamper from the cricut MB. Spring soccer LO of Esperanza on the field.

Weekly Update

Wow, it is Friday and my desire to update on Sunday of each week didn't happen. This week has been really busy with school especially since it is Teacher Appreciation week. We didn't go to aikido either day this week, it was raining Tuesday and Esperanza had too much homework last night. I'll post the Teacher Appreciation craft projects later today. It has been raining all week, we're hoping that it will clear up for tomorrow morning's soccer game.