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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Storm

We're snowed in today, we received about 8 inches over night and it is currently sleeting. I took this picture last night just before I went up to bed for the night. I was suppose to take my car in this morning to be serviced so I guess I need to call and reschedule for one day next week since I don't plan on going out at all today. I'm spending my day doing household chores and hopefully I'll get to scrap some too.


Brown Sugar Babies said...

Thats a pretty picture!!! We got almost 2 feet here in Northern VA.

Enfys said...

Oh boy Treva, we have a little sprinkling here in the UK, with more promised later in the week, which means that the country will grind to a halt :)
Just popped over to wish you and your family a very very happy Christmas
big hugs
En x

Bout2BugOut said...

Wow....people wore shorts on Christmas here in Miami. I wore my new jeans and jacket like we used to when I was little. We're still dreaming of a white Christmas.