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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Crafty "To Do" List

Today as part of Scraps of Color Holiday Bloggers I'm sharing my "to do" list. I really need to get motivated to get this done or something might not get done. I only have five items but theyall can be quite time consuming. This is a busy time of year because we have so many activities to attend. While everyone else was probably having fun enjoying all the shopping deals I was stressing trying to find a dress for next week's Diamonds and Pearls event; I just need to lose weight! I'll try to share the completed projects as long as I'm not too stressed after finishing them!

1 comment:

NC Peach said...

Wow! That's some list! Looks a lot like mine, lol...I hope all goes well, and you'll be able to check it all off your list!