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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Talk

Its Thursday and I feel like I have gotten anything done this week.  Its Girl Scout cookie time so we've been busy delivering cookies in addition to our normal routine.  I'm feeling totally out of sorts since I couldn't find my brown ink pad this morning.  I've got to spend some time organizing and putting my stuff in order this weekend.  I've decided not to go to CK convention and that DD isn't going to her out of town training this weekend.  We need to spend some time at home and staff out of the car!  Today I'm sharing the second project for the cricut challenge over at Scraps of Color.  I used the cupcake from the Wrap it Up cartridge and a piece of scrap paper.  I'm learning  that I need to use all the paper that I'm going to use when I make a project so I don't add anything else to my 'scrap arsenal.' 


Audrey Frelx said...

Treva, I love your cupcake card, it's adorable!

Now we don't even want to go there about being disorganized...!!! I can't see anything for looking for it... lol! So, who's disorganized?!!!

Hugs, sweetie!

Felisa Montee said...

Love the paper in the card.....organizing my room,house life a work in progress 😣