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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Wanderings

Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Wanderings!   This is the last week of school for our daughter and I'm doing a happy dance because we made it through 6th grade!  It has been a year of mixed emotions for everybody; so when the notice came home about the 6th grade awards ceremony she promptly informed me that I didn't have to attend.  Of course my feelings were hurt and I didn't know how to take the comment, she followed it with her teachers had been telling them that this is middle school and you had to do something 'award worthy' to be recognized.  In my mind she had been a good student so she should be recognized, I didn't say anything I just decided maybe she just didn't want me to be there front and center camera in hand!  So when I picked her up yesterday she was dancing a gig running to show me her awards, I was so mad that I had let her deprive me of that moment, she received 4 awards and I wasn't there to see it.  She got scolded by her older brother who reminded her that he had to go through and she has to do the same!   My husband on the other hand said to me when did you start listening to a 12 year old?  So lesson learned!

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