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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Remembering Fay

Today marks the sixth month anniversary of the death of my beloved sister Fay.  Thankful for her time her on her but sadden by her sudden death.  So many emotions today as my heart still aches and feelings that I needed more time with her.  There are times when I still go to call her, can't bear to delete old phone messages or her from my contact list.


Krafthead said...

Lifting you up today! Treva, you delete those things when you are ready. I still listen to my dad's message on the house phone when I need to hear his voice. About a month ago, I finally deleted his number from the phone. I just got to a place where I can look at his photos without crying. With time, things get easier.

Nubian Crafter said...

Love it!! Sending hugs and prayers your way!!