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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mint Condition

Wow the work week is coming to an end but I've got to get busy finishing my holiday cards and more importantly cleaning!  Its another cold morning here but they are calling for warmer temperatures on Saturday.  We have a busy weekend scheduled with parties and celebrations and we're coming off a busy school week and all I want to do is sleep!  So today's daily picture is another LO for our reunion album that I'm hoping to have done by Christmas.  The picture was taken while we were in Orlando eating at Wreckers (sports bar & grill) and the group Mint Condition came in for a take-out so I asked them if my daughter could take a picture with them.  She wasn't really familiar with the group so when we got back home I shared some of their music and she enjoyed their performance at the reunion too.


Miss Misi said...

Very cool! Lovely LO.

Felisa Montee said...

How cute is that....I really want to get back to scrapbooking

And Mint Condition - great got to pull it up on pandora