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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Musings

It's raining here again today and I want to be in the bed asleep.  My DH has a job where he basically works 24 hours a day so when the phone rang at 2 AM this morning and after chatting with the person on the phone, he finally told them he was on his way.  So for me that meant I was awaken and couldn't get back to a deep sleep until hours later he called to wake me up because he was on his way back home.

 I was going to share another card that I made for the FB group but instead I am sharing a picture that we took on Thanksgiving Day.  I am so looking forward to scrapping the pictures that we took during the Thanksgiving holiday.  We had 35 family people, mostly family with a few friends that came to Richmond, Virginia from Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Illinois, Maryland, Rhode Island, Spain and from Fredericksburg, Hampton and Norfolk here in Virginia.

Take care.


Lois Wyche said...

Beautiful family photo.

Felisa Montee said...

Now that is a true family blessing BEAUTIFUL