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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday Musings

Hello Thursday, today is bittersweet for me as I a mess, that's all I can say.  I go through times when I just have to cry which I guess is a form of therapy for me.  There are some changes/challenges going on in my life right now that I find myself just needing to cry quite a bit.  Today would have been my sister's 57th birthday so instead of sharing her picture as I normally do I decided to share a picture of my daughter with her two sons.  We got  to see them this past weekend as they came to Virginia for mom's family reunion.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone but I was sad that my son wasn't able to make the trip. Family was so important to my sister so it makes my heart happy to share her two sons in honor of her birthday. Take care, make it a great day.


Lois Wyche said...

Beautiful family picture. Treasure the memories and keep them close to your heart!

Miss Misi said...

Cyber hugs! I hope you feel better soon.